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Because selling replicas violates PayPal’s Terms of Use, using PayPal Goods and Services directly on the replica site will freeze our account funds. Therefore, we implement the customer’s PayPal Goods and Services needs through the PayPal interface of the third-party platform. While this complicates the payment process, in doing so, you not only get buyer protection from PayPal Goods and Services, but our capital risk is significantly reduced. Hope you can understand.

1.Please select the products you want to buy on Bluegisse.com, then check the payment method on the checkout page as PayPal Goods and Services, and place an order.

aliexpress tutorial0
aliexpress tutorial0

2.Go to our Aliexpress product page by clicking on the link below.


3.Please set the country at the top right of the page to the United States and change the currency to US dollars. Then change the quantity of the product to the amount you need to pay for your purchase at Bluegisse. If your purchase at Bluegisse costs $369.6, you can simply change the quantity to 369. Click the Buy Now button to proceed to the next step when finished.

aliexpress tutorial 1
aliexpress tutorial 1

4.You will be asked to log in first. Aliexpress provides a variety of fast login methods, you only need to choose the login method that suits you to perform fast login and then proceed to the next step.

5.The last step is the payment page. You only need to fill in your delivery address and choose PayPal as the payment method to pay for the order.

aliexpress tutorial 2
aliexpress tutorial 2

After the payment is completed, please contact us (email@bluegisse.com) and inform us of the Aliexpress order number. After confirming the payment, we will change the status of the order you purchased at Bluegisse from unpaid to paid. And in the fastest time for you to prepare goods and delivery.

Bonus: Don’t be surprised to see a product that’s a pearl, it’s just a way to bypass PayPal’s ban on selling replicas and allow you to pay with PayPal Goods and Services. For details, please refer to the order information purchased on Bluegisse.com.

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